Highlights of Indian women's hockey team defeated Australia and made Olympic history

India, led by Rani Rampal, reached the semi-finals, with Gurjit Kaur scoring the only goal in the 22nd minute to beat the Group B toppers in the quarterfinals.

India beat three-time Olympic gold medalist Australia in the women's hockey semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics at the Oi Hockey Stadium on Monday.

India, ranked fourth in Pool A, beat top-ranked Australia by a drag-flick by Gurjit Kaur in the 22nd minute.

The Indian women's hockey team, which only competed in its third Olympics, reached the semi-finals of the Summer Games for the first time. India finished 12th and last in Rio 2016 and Moscow played only one round-robin stage in 1980.

The Indian women won Tokyo 2020 for the third time in a row, starting their campaign with three consecutive defeats. India had to win their last two group stage matches to make the quarterfinals.

On Monday, India failed to break Australia’s famous pace and made several quick counters to keep the opposition defense busy. Even until the fourth quarter, the Indian fitness level did not disappointed and concentration on defense did not decrease.

The Indian defense, led by Deep Grace Ekka and goalkeeper Savita Poonia, had a solid ground throughout the match, taking all the pressure from Australia and placing a clean slate in nine excellent penalty corners.

India scored 14 goals and seven against Australia, compared to Australia's 13 goals in the group stage. And Australia were almost perfect in the second minute of the match, but Ambrosia Malone went into the shot post.

Closest to Australia, who scored in the first quarter, as the Indian women's hockey team concluded that there was a lot of action in the opposite half. India did not score a penalty corner until the fifth minute of the second quarter. Further more, they were able to repeatedly reject Australia.

India almost took the lead in the ninth minute when a deflection from captain Rani Rampal's cross hit the inside of the Australian left post.

Australia continues to threaten the Brooke Paris strike as it takes place outside the Indian Post.

Gurjit Kaur drag-flick from the Indians' first penalty corner in the 22nd minute to put India ahead on the scoreboard. This is Gurjeet's first goal in the tournament after battling to shoot drag-flicks in the group stage.

Australia scored more penalty corners, entered more circles and took more shots on goal, but India continued their advantage in the first half.

In the third quarter, the Australians fought hard, infiltrating the Indian circle regularly and facing Indian defenses.

After realizing that pressure, India gained some momentum in the third quarter. Navneet Kaur stormed into the circle for a wide effort, and Rani Rampal's tap cross went to the right of the Australian goal. India's lead in the last quarter is still intact.

With just eight minutes left in the match, Australia won two more penalty corners. But the Indians did not earn their historic semi-final spot in Tokyo 2020 after losing 6-1 to the Australians in Rio 2016.