Deepika Kumari feels Pressure of the Olympic is becoming a bit high

Top Indian archer Deepika Kumari says the Olympics need to be looked at from a different angle to get the expected results in the future.

Deepika enters world No.1 archer in Olympics . But the women's individual and mixed team lost in the quarterfinals of the events. However, she became the first Indian archer in history to score a quarter in a private event.

"Everyone asking about medals, . We think about it a thousand times, and it takes over our minds. It affects a mental blockade and our techniques .It's time for me to introspect. .We have some things that we are very short of. Basically we need to change our approach to the game. "

Deepika leads the Olympics, becoming the sixth woman to win three recurve medals in the World Cup singles edition in Paris in June.

"Whether it's the World Cup, the World Championship or the Olympics, we have to look at all sports equally. But there we think more about medals. We have to take it lightly and enjoy that moment. The ultimate goal is a World Cup or championship medal, but we never think about it. After reaching the Olympics, the idea of ​​winning a medal is lost.We have to work on it.

Deepika also said that being a full time psychologist with the team helps in coping well with stress. "That would have been a great help. We need someone to promote us morally," she said.

After failing in the team for the World Championship, Deepika will play in the next World Cup final next month.

As none of the archers participating in the Tokyo Olympics can clear the selection trials that took place in Sonipat last week, India will have a look at next month's Archery World Championships.

The world women's team includes Ankita Bhakta (23), Komalika Bari (19) and 17-year-old Ridhi.

Deepika, who failed in the trials after finishing fourth behind uncapped Riddhi, said she was excited about the challenge.

"Yes, there is tough competition now. But it's good and I'm always ready to compete with them. The tougher the competition, will become better.

"To fit the new generation, I have to try twice as hard. It gives me extra stress and thrill, and I'm ready for the challenge," she says.

Deepika also congratulated the Indian medalists in Tokyo.

Deepika said, "Neeraj Chopra is very proud to have won gold on the last day. It is unfortunate that we did not win a medal in archery, but it was an amazing performance by our fellow Indians. Many, many to them. Congratulations."